bamboo curtain

bamboo curtain
Synonyms and related words:
Berlin wall, Pillars of Hercules, arch dam, backstop, bank, bar, barrage, barrier, barrier of secrecy, bear-trap dam, beaver dam, blackout, boom, border, border ground, borderland, breakwater, breastwork, brick wall, buffer, bulkhead, bulwark, censorship, cofferdam, curtain, dam, defense, dike, ditch, earthwork, embankment, fence, frontier, frontier post, gate, gravity dam, groin, hush-up, hydraulic-fill dam, iron curtain, ironbound security, jam, jetty, leaping weir, levee, logjam, march, marches, marchland, milldam, moat, mole, mound, oath of secrecy, official secrecy, outpost, outskirts, pall, parapet, portcullis, rampart, repression, roadblock, rock-fill dam, seal of secrecy, seawall, security, shutter dam, smothering, stifling, stone wall, suppression, three-mile limit, twelve-mile limit, veil, veil of secrecy, wall, weir, wicket dam, work, wraps

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Bamboo curtain — can mean: * Literally, a type of beaded curtain made from bamboo * Figuratively, the Bamboo Curtain, the Asian equivalent of the Iron Curtain …   Wikipedia

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  • bamboo curtain — bam′boo cur′tain n. gov a political and ideological barrier impeding relations between Communist China and the West • Etymology: 1945–50 …   From formal English to slang

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